Wall Mounted turntable stand: suggestions please?

Greetings analog fans! I'm seeking suggestions for a Wall Mount turntable stand - I'm looking to support a 60 pound VPI HW19 MK4 that I'm interested in, but I have no more rack space available on my rack & no good floor space available nearby for a floor mounted stand. The TT dimensions with dust cover are 21.5"W x 16.25"D x 6.5"H (I believe).
Searching the forum archives I found references to a Target stand (apparently no longer available - Audio Advisor used to sell them) & also I found a reference to Sound Organization wall mount stand. I need some ideas regarding where to locate/buy one of these, or any other quality wall mount stands that you may like? Or if you know of anyone wanting to sell a wall mount stand, then please advise either via forum post or send me an email. Thanks for your help & suggestions.
Bob, the Target stand is 18" wide by 14" deep. I bought mine used here, $50. If this stand meets your needs you could probably get one by posting a wanted ad here on the 'Gon. Hope this helps, Jeff
I made my own for a TNT. I used oak and mounted it to the studs in the wall. In my case the equipment rack is also in the wall, so the oak goes through and mounts to the cabinet (which is in an adjacent utility room). I then got a piece of granite and put on top of the oak. You can see the results at:
You know it is funny I noticed your post, I normally just look at the classifieds. It just so happens I have the Sound Organization wall mount and might be willing to sell it used. Actually, it has never been mounted on the wall and the only part I have used is the sound damping base that fits down inside the metal piece that is mounted to the wall. This base has some marks on it from my Linn LP12 that are not noticable when a turntable is placed upon it. I believe I paid about $200 for this several years ago so if you are interested, make me an offer. Thanks, Greg
Hi Bob, When I had my TT rig I tried what you are thinking of doing. The results were terrible. Maybe It was the way I went about it or it could have been the positioning of the rack. I went about it in a similar way as Abstract7 except Absract7 probably did a much better job. I hope there is a way you can try this before going through all the work I did. I lost so much sound quality compared going to a stand straight to the concrete. I hope things work out for you. Best of luck.
Check out www.apollohifi.co.uk for a good quality wall support.The illustrations for the wall supports leave much to be desired but the appearance and finish is the same as the Adagio line of stands.At 60 pounds, you might want to consider the 2 shelf version not so much for the added shelf but for attachment security reasons.They are handled in the US by May Audio and in Canada by Justice Audio and can be purchased directly from the importer if no dealer is available nearby.Pricing is very reasonable.
Both the Target & Sound Org units are no longer being produced and would have to be located on the pre-owned market.Target made several wall units in its day,the best being the original TT1.
I have just been through this, although I ended up not buying a shelf. The best looking prospect was the Mana Acoustics Reference Shelf (see flatearthaudio.com), which has an ardent following in England and is part of an elaborate isolation "system." The other good prospect was from Quadraspire, which is much prettier, and cheaper, but less sophisticated. I have an LP12 and a suspended wood floor. I had a bad foot-fall problem and some woofer excursion at higher volumes, but I solved my troubles with great results with a Brightstar Big Rock, which is really inexpensive, and much easier to install. Check out the Mana website, though, as it looks like an good prospect.
I have a VPI Jr mounted on the Target stand, and I belive that the stand is still made, evan though AA does not sell it. The trick to using a wall mounted stand is two fold: 1, Mount it on a Load Bearing wall, non load bearing walls are not tied into the total structure as well as the former, and they can infact move at modest SPLs; 2, use a good isolation platform, while Abstract7 seems to have gool luck w/ granit, I prefer corian, or some othert dense composit material. Whatewrver you do, make sure that you secure it to the wall w/ propper fasteners, #10 Steel, or SS drywall screws at a minimum.
Happy listening