wall rack and different shelf materials under TT

Yesterday I swapped a 3/4"x16"x16" walnut cutting board (very nicely custom made and priced from ebay memeber hardwood-lumber-co, not affiliated) under my Pro-ject Xpression III table with an Ortofon MC-3 turbo, speedbox and tube phono box II. The natural unoiled walnut matches my rack better than maple, even though the maple can run more dense, but just a bit more. I used to have a 1/4"x15"x15" porcelain tile piece under my table and the first impressions follow:

- walnut: more relaxed and little warmer sound, bass a little more subdued like when you put a pillow in a bass drum in the drum kit.

- porcelain: more accurate, a little brighter and a touch more bass slam.

I am going to do further listening with both to see which one wins out. There are the factory isolation cones under my turntable and the wall rack is steel bolted to the house studs. I also just got some Electro-Harmonix golds that I am going to roll into the tube phono box II.

Will keep everyone posted...

BTW, I got a 3/4"x10"x16" maple and cherry cutting board for the kitchen and total was $57 including shipping.