Walter Davies (LAST Factory) has passed away

Sorry that I keep posting these passings, but they seem to be more and more frequent.

Walter Davies of The LAST Factory has died.

I was one of the first LAST dealers, when he decided to go retail with his product.  He was a cheerful, wonderfully innovative gentleman.  I've used his products since day one and swear by them.

He sold the company a couple of years ago, but stayed on as a consultant.

R.I.P. Walter

Oh man, that's a drag. I met Walter in 1973, when I visited his newly-opened hi-fi shop (Audio Arts) in Livermore, and a few months later bought from him my first big system (ARC electronics, Magneplanar Tympanis, Revox A77, Thorens/SME/Decca). He was not only very knowledgeable technically, but also musically. And a wonderful, soft-spoken gentleman. I've been using his Last record & tape preservation products since they were introduced---fantastic stuff! He lived a good life.

He was a real gentleman. Always dedicated to each online customer.
RIP, Walter.