Want Good Inexpensive RCA Video Cable

I am looking for a good inexpensive standard RCA terminated video cable. What is the best bang for the buck?? THANKS !!!
I tried my DVD with both RCA and S Video, huge difference. I'm guessing you can't use S-Video, or you would. I'm a believer in quality IC's but don't go for the purist cables out there; I've had acceptable performance from MIT and Audioquest which are both reasonably well made and a fair price. Perhaps some of the better educated IC's guys out there can be of more help. Jeff
The absolute best bang for the buck is to use Belden Precision Video Cable model 8281. I am using this for the connection between my DVD and the Television, and also as my digital transfer link to the D to A converter. Belden products are available from many commercial cable suppliers, and this series is very popular with video contractors. To prep this wire, there is an inexpensive plastic stripping tool, that leaves the ground and center connector prepped. All that is required is to select the proper size groove, close the clips, and turn your wrist. This tool is sold at Home Depot and other large hardware stores for less than $8.00. Soldering the RCA connectors to the ground and center terminals requires no special talent, and it would set you up to prep all the runs of wire you would ever need. After soldering, buy a couple of pieces of colored shrink wrap, and complete the job by forming them with a hair dryer. This covers and protects your solder and RCA connectors, provides color code, and strengthens the connection. Cost? The cable itself is maybe a dollar a foot, and depending on what brand you buy, the RCA connectors are the only expensive part. You will be amazed at the quality this will provide. I have thoroughly compared this exact configuration, built up with Vampire brand, Oxygen Free Copper RCA's, and it was equal or better than many of the most expensive audiophile brands. This proved out in tests as both a video cable, and as a digital transfer cable. This is a true precision 75 Ohm cable, and except for the RCA connections (which are not 75 Ohm) this is about as good as is available at any price, and certainly unbeatable for the few dollars it costs.
Yes Jeff, do not have S Video on my TV currently. A while back in a pinch I used a Nordost Blue Heaven Audio interconnect and the picture and color was amazing. Do not know why it worked so well. Anyone else??
here's the best. Go buy your standard f jack cable. Put Rca adapters on both ends....bam got an awsome cable that beats about anything out there. Solid core center and a true 75 ohm wire with shielding. Way better build than cables that cost over $100 or more. You can buy it in any length also. Don't waste your money on any of these brand name rip off wires, this stuff works incredibly well.
Buy Canare LV-6. They are true 75 ohm and you can buy them pre-terminated or you can roll your own. Talk about cheap!!!
Well I took Kacz's advice and "invested" a big $4.00 for 2 F to RCA adapters at Radio Shack, and I must say the picture is sharper and colors better than the cable I was using. I have lots of various types of F type cables laying around in a box, so that part was free. I may experiment for fun and see if some other F type coax cables is better than others. Thanks, Kacz
Not sure what you mean by "inexpensive". I bought some video cables from "BetterCables.com", and was very pleased with their construction quality, performance, and price. Check their Web site at: www.bettercables.com
Canare is pretty good and cheap ($25/m). Bettercables.com also has some good products. Will have to try the Belden co-ax w/ adapters.