Want to get into Analog

I’m thinking of taking a plunge into analog sources by picking up a vintage DD turntable.
There seems to be an endless supply of vintage tables available on eBay and CL.

Which models would be good values for under $1000 (total budget for turntable, arm, cartridge.  Thanks.
@mrpostfire-  If you live anywhere around Indiana, use this site's Member Contact, and message me.

I lived with Snap, Crackle, and Pop, all the way up to the advent of CD, 40 years later.

Wow, no Snap, Crackle and Pop; these CD's are amazing. Later on, some guy who was into the high end, said "What's the big deal"?

He didn't tell me that his cartridge cost as much as my entire rig; consequently, there was no big deal, the big deal was on the high end analog rig, but you had to be able to pay the cost in order to be the boss.

Today, we have convoluted cheap Snap, Crackle and Pop record players with the sound of "high-end" analog rigs in such a way that the "newbees" think they're going to get the "vinyl magic" out of one of the cheap Snap, Crackle and Pop rigs; it ain't going to happen. Almost any CD player will sound better than a cheap record player. Why didn't I hear all this "vinyl magic" 40 years ago before I got into the high end, and before CD?

The answer is quite simple; without high-end components, there is no magic. Anyone buying cheap analog is wasting their money.
How about getting into  the ultimate in analog and
get a reel to reel,you won't be disappointed.

Reel to reel is not as expensive as you might think. While I only recommend new TT and Cartridge; a good used reel that has been refurbished can be as good as new.

Believe it or not, when you guys who like to "stream", record that music on a 2 track reel, you will have some of the best "analog" you have ever heard when you play it back.

mrpostfire, you don't have enough money for what you seek, and that is the "vinyl mystique" many of us are enjoying. I've read the recommendations, and if you followed them, you would be buying someone else's junk, without sufficient knowledge to put it together.

I recommend that you start an analog savings account, and gather more information in the meantime.