Want your thoughts before making a big decision

I just purchased 5 Vienna Acoustics Waltz Grand wall mounted speakers. Music is as or more important to me than theater. Have any of you used these speakers as mains with a sub? I am debating if I should part with the Martin Logans and Krell Resolution and keep all 5 Vienna speakers. If I have a good sub, will the Viennas perform better or worse than the Martin Logans for music. My music preferences are Diana Krall, Natalie Cole, Yo Yo Ma, Winton Marsalis, and so on. I currently have a Krell HTS preamp, Sherbourn power amp, Faroudja CD/DVD, Epik sub, Martin Logan source mains, and Krell Resolution 4 as my center.
I am looking forward to your input
I set up a friend with these speakers for a HT set up. He insisted on buying at Best Buy, so the electronics ended up being Pioneer Elite. Decent, but hardly high-end for music. He had five of the Waltz's and a two M-L subs. IMHO, they sounded good, but not as good as many of the Martin-Logan speakers I've heard. They are fairly smooth, but a bit limited with imaging and detail retreival. Personally, I don't think I'd be happy with Waltz's as my mains in the long run. But it sounds like you have them already, so do your own comparison.
If music is more important than HT, how much music do you have in 2 channel compared to 5 channel?
I wouldn't part with Martins but keep both pairs, and take turns listening to them - some music sound better on one speakers, and some on the other.

If you have many sets of speakers, that could cure your upgrade bug - many bank accounts have been unhappy with that disease as you know.