Wanted Bowers and Wilkins ASW 12 CM subwoofer

Wanted Bowers and Wilkins ASW 12 CM Subwoofer to match the one I currently own. Thank you in advance.

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I have my dream B&W set up and need one more asw12cm subwoofer to complete my system. I've been working on this system for a long time. I so impressed by its ability to play music and do the heavy lifting of theater effects. I found the right combo. for my room. Searching to purchase a good used unit. 

I'm very late to this thread (~9 months later), but if you're still looking for an ASW 12CM to complete your system I have one available that's sitting unused at the moment. It's in perfect working order, but the piano black finish does have scratches on it. I do have the original box FWIW. I believe it may be possible to have the scratches polished out... but I haven't attempt to do so.