Wanting to try a tube amp.

Looking at  an ARC Ref 110 to go with my Ls28se. Used is fine with me want to keep it under 4k. I only stream thru a node 2i and Audio Mirror iii se. Speakers are GE Triton Refs. Any other thoughts for me? Room is 14 wide 24 deep 8 high. Listen to mainly Pink Floyd, ELP,  and rock in general. Don't play loud, about 75db. I'm already deaf and have a pretty decent noise floor in my head to compete with. Thanks.

 The Ref 110 is a superb tube amp and a bargain for what they go for used. I saw o Hifishark that one just sold for $3200.  I have had no trouble with mine since I purchased it. And I have no real desire to upgrade at this point.

 IMHO 100 watts is the sweet spot for tube amps. My speakers are 92db and the Ref 110 is an excellent match. You want a bit of headroom. I tried a Ref 75 and in my system the sound was not as open. I found over time that I much prefer tube amps with 4 output tubes per channel. They don't tend to sound thin at times like some amps. My old V70 was the same way.

I typed in GE Triton in Google and I got a dishwasher! I'm too old GE means General Electric. 
I guess you should have read the whole post. For as many post's you have placed here I would think you would now what they are without thinking. But I guess you just need to be noticed. Don't bother replying to any of my questions.