Warm, Lush Laid-Back Smaller Floor Standers?

Hello to all Audiogon Forum members - 

Long time lurker and first time poster here. I'd really appreciate advice from members here on my current quest to up-level my audio system. About a year ago, after not having any real nice audio gear for roughly 20 years, decided it was time to invest in a proper set-up. We were coming out of Covid and I think, like many of us, I was feeling a little stir crazy and probably made some impetuous decisions... 

The Room 
A large rectangular room (30 feet wide x 90 feet long) with high ceilings (12 feet). The room is made up of a dining area, kitchen and living room. The audio set-up is against the wall in the living room. We listen to music in the living room on the coach and/or sitting chairs. That said, because of the room layout, we listen while we are cooking or dining, as well. 

The Problem 
While on some days, while listening to classical, jazz or acoustic music - anything airy - I'm absolutely overjoyed with my system. On other days, especially when i want to listen to some indie rock or electronica, my speakers and preamp/amp just don't cut it. The speakers feel too small for the space (they are - I get it). And I wonder if the tubes I'm using are really a great match for the speakers. Things sound "smeared" when playing more complex rock/electronica. 

As for the Dynaudio Heritage Specials, the higher frequencies can be wonderful, but can sometimes feel bright. And while the bass is good for a bookshelf speaker, I feel like I'm missing the deeper frequencies. It's like having a half a meal. The part you get is fantastic, but you leave the restaurant still feeling hungry. 

I'd consider purchasing a subwoofer, but I'm rather more interested in looking for alternate speakers or possibly tweaking my amp/preamp. 

The System 
Dynaudio Heritage Special Speakers 
Innuous Zenith Music Server
Merason DAC1 
Qualiton/Audio Hungary Tube Preamp
Qualiton/Audio Hungary 100 Watt Power Amp
Cardas Clear Interconnect and Cardas Cygnus Speaker Cables 

**I've got a Linear Tube Audio Microzotl Preamp on the way. I'm looking forward to hear if it can be an improvement on my existing preamp. 

My Question for Forum Members 
Speaker suggestions: I'm looking for a smaller floorstanding speakers with a warm, laid-back and relaxing sound signature. I'm considering the QLN Prestige Three and/or the new Mission 770 Speakers (not a floor stander, but bigger than Dynaudio Heritage Specials) Again, I'd prefer a smaller floorstanding speaker. I've listened to Proacs in the past and they also seemed to have the qualities I'm looking for. 

What advice do you have for me on speakers? 

Amp/Preamp suggestions: 
Are tube amps just not ideal for rock and/or electronic music? Should I just call it a day and get PassLab Class A amp to cover my needs? 

Thanks in advance for your suggestions! 




Regarding subwoofers. I solved my low frequency issues by adding a "distributed bass array" (Swarm) to my bookshelfs (ATC SCM19). Basically you are adding 4 subs to flood the listening space.

It would be worth your time to do a search of bass arrays on this forum. There is plenty of discussions on the topic.

Good luck with your quest.

For over 40 years I tried every pair of Klipsch speakers produced in every possible environment, new ones in stores, old ones in friends homes, shows even my own home, with solid state, tubes and hybrid amplifiers. They all sounded so bright I thought my ears would bleed. Smooth and laid back yet still accurate try Monitor Audio.


The current series of Klipsh Heritage speakers are much improved . If they  (especially the CORNWALL 4' s) sound bright and aggressive..... well you definitely didn't hear them with decent partnering amps/preamps. 

They can be surprisingly relaxed, (when the music calls for it) yet paradoxically very dynamic and alive sounding.