Warped records coming out of storage

My records will hopefully be played again relatively soon after I rebuild the DQ 10's and get a TT . They were packed away and some of them got warped due to other boxes on top of them . I can just hear the disgust from reading this from some of you, and my self . What do I do to straiten the Records ?

Thank you very much
If the warp is a gradual shape, you may have success just getting the records back vertically on a shelf pressed between other records over several weeks. I've had some warped discs "recover" in this way over time. Alternatively, there is a disc flattening device made by Air Tight that actually works (but would be quite expensive to purchase); you might find a local high-end dealer who has one and would be willing to cycle through a few of your records for you. Then there's the manual diy process of using two flat plates of glass to sandwich the LP in a low heat oven. This diy approach is somewhat risky, but some folks report success provided the heat is applied gradually kept very low, then allowed a long cooling cycle. I've never tried this myself.

Good luck.