Washington Post article - "Effects of Nanotubes...

...May Lead to Cancer, Study Says"

"Microscopic, high-tech "nanotubes" that are being made for use in a wide variety of consumer products cause the same kind of damage in the body as asbestos does, according to a study in mice that is raising alarms among workplace safety experts and others.

Within days of being injected into mice, the nanotubes -- which are increasingly used in electronic components, sporting goods and dozens of other products -- triggered a kind of cellular reaction that over a period of years typically leads to mesothelioma, a fatal form of cancer, researchers said.

Only longer versions of the vanishingly small fibers have that toxic effect, the study found. And further experiments must be done to prove that the engineered motes can cause problems when inhaled, the way most people might be exposed to them.

But the preliminary evidence of cancer risk is strong enough to justify urgent follow-up tests and government guidance for nano factory workers, who are most likely to be exposed, experts said. Others called for labels to guide consumers or recyclers, who might encounter the material when incinerating or otherwise destroying discarded nano products."

The article goes on but I thought it was very relevant to some of the audio products that are being made, used, bought, sold, etc.
Alon Wolf undone! That kind of thing freaks me out; although it's basically a warning to workers, who the heck knows what's coming out when a driver is pounding away.
I'm not referring to any specific audio products. I would assume that products that are being advertised with "nanotube" might be a product. I would defer the specific products to the manufacturers who refer to "nanotube" in their product.

I was just passing on some information.
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