Wavac vs. Air Tight /300B's

Open to advice...I'm currently running a Joule pre into an Air Tight ATM300B (with WE300Bs, Mullard/Chelmer 12AU7s, Natl Union 5U4 rectifier & RCA red-letter 12BH7s) and am seriously mulling over switching to a Wavac MB-300B. I am also looking to move from the Joule to a Shindo, so that would be a consideration. The Air Tight is a fine amp with great dynamics and extension, but I would be looking for greater tonal color saturation and harmonic complexity with the Wavac. Any opinions/impressions? Thanks for the input.
I would wait and see how the Shindo pre sounds w/ your
Air Tights, and current system first. You could be perfectly happy with your system at that point. If you are curious about the Wavac vs. your AT, call Stanton Sound. He not only carries both, but I know he has great experience with the specific amps you mentioned.
I am not sure you can go wrong with Airtight, Wavac or Shindo. I have heard them all in various systems and I could listen to any of them matched to the right speaker as my last system.
having said that, the best sound I ever heard was a Wavac system in a UK show. However, I do feel they are ludicrously expensive, new. One might consider them second hand. I would'nt, even second hand they are to rich for me.
Thanks. Very good advice Fjno. Just hearing it sounds right.

David12, the AirTight is nice, no doubt. But is it magical? Hmmm.

On 2nd hand, always, always...
It's always difficult to know how a new piece of equipment might integrate with our current system. Although a bit off target, I added a pair of Wavac 300Bm monos to my system withouy having heard them first. Definitely a gamble, but it turned out to be one the best moves I've made. Absolutely - as you said - magical!!