Wave Kinetics Isolation products

I just wanted to call attention to some new Isolation products that have come to market in the last few months.
I have no affiliation to the company....

The products are from Wave Kinetics: wavekinetics.com
The A10-U8 COMPONENT CONTROL SYSTEM for cdp's, amps, & all components including turntables.

After some changes to my racks & system changes I decided to try these & was very impressed with the results.

Now through the years I have tried & used many different isolation racks, platforms, & of course pucks. Most of them worked well to some degree, some better than others.
I preferred those that did not color or impart a signature to the sound. I like those that are natural with good control of the frequency range & soundstage.

These work well within my system. As good or better as some products that sell for many times the price. I won't say they are for everyone or their systems, as we know.. different results can come from different rooms & systems.

Just saying these belong in the upper tier if isolation products (IMHO) & curious if others have found good results as I have.
I just bought this product for my playback designs cd/dac and wow great improvement. I was never a believer in vibration control but with this product now I cannot deny its importance.
Can you give us a sense for how much the A10-U8 and 2NS go for? Also who carries the product?