Ways to make your digital streaming sound better

Having tried a lot of different methods including fiber optic , sonically Conventional 

Quality ethernet cable sounds more realistic , first at your modem router combo -get rid of the $5 wall wart it is nothing but added noise . Little green computer sells a decent 8 amp 12 v type for $300, that was much better , better still was the                 Linear Tube Audio LPS , on your router it states the voltage and most are around 4 amp. These LPS  go to 8 amp for $700 on Audiogon .  Then you need a respectable Ethernet switch,the best one I have found has a LPS built in as well as a OCxo clock -LHY -SW8 , you need 2 Ethernet cables ,your best one goes to your Streamer ,that’s where it makes the biggest improvement . 
with the latest Eversolo DMP -A8; really made a nice improvement just by doing these few things  many Audiophiles overlook .your streamer will thank you as well as your ears . Excellent streamer dac -preamp for under $2k .Many Excellent reviews . a mini review to follow 


Use an optical cable made by the Chord company, on of all things, a Sony mini disc player/recorder. Played a mini disc of west side Story (original sound track), as well as a miles Davis kind of blue mini disc....I’m blown away at how good it sounds. This optical cable runs from the Sony mini disc deck to a musical fidelity v90 dac.


A Waversa LAN filter was a very nice upgrade to my streaming.  Brought it clearly closer to cd...

All I do is stream and my rig sounds absolutely incredible!!! What put the SQ of my streaming system over the top: #1= High quality ethernet cables #2= High quality streamer #3= (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT) Filer and condition your electricity and ethernet signal to clean out the noise/grunge/jitter. I added the following tweaks with astonishing results.

(a) I put an iFi LAN iSilencer on all three of my ethernet cables.

(b) I use two Puron AC conditioners in two of the electrical outlets in my listening room.

(c) I use a high quality Audio Switch.

The above tweaks immensely elevated the sound quality of my system to heights I  never previously heard before. I just can't tell you how extremely please I am with the effects that the above tweaks have had on my system. Hope this helps. Happy listening.



Yeah the IFI ILAN..I've known of this product for years but never thought much of it, it's $80. I purchased one a couple days ago and gave it a shot. Tried it on my streamer and then on my TV. Worked well in both situations for me. Various ways and places you can hook one into your signal chain..you will perceive little differences depending on where you put it. Remarkable little device. I ordered a 2nd one for my TV. 

When I said you will perceive little differences depending on where you put it (B4 router, after router, switch, or device) I meant little differences between each of those. The overall effect of putting it in the spot that worked best for me I don't feel was just a subtle difference..the kind where you think maybe something has changed. 

I got the sense it cleaned the sound up. Tightened the soundstage up a tad but in a good way. Better focus. Initially I felt it softened the bass dynamics a bit but I feel it improved on the 3rd day. I've read it needs a lengthy burn in but it's a passive device and I'm not too sure if that's true. Obviously YMMV depending on your set up but I feel it's a cheap enough try along with a trial period most places you can purchase it so I'd recommend trying this budget device. I have no affiliation with this product.