so Mr. ego, a year in show us how 100% of your LP collection is in the noromance format ?.......

There are different solution from Atocha Design , except for a normal record section which I like the most. However, I have what I like the most right on the floor in a wooden box and around it.

For people who would like to hide their record or to store them like in a record shop Atocha is nice.

But I like to see all my records.
Hello. I am looking for holder options for storing my vinyl records. I want to buy something modern and reliable for my collection to keep at home. I have less than a hundred records. I would be grateful for your advice.

Not really sure what you are looking for, but these are very nice looking, built well and storage can be expanded with additional units.  Pretty inexpensive too.

You can also stack them in almost any configuration.

You can add drawers and doors for additional storage.