Dust Off compressed air to get dust off of vinyl records

I have a decent record cleaner but wanted to see if anyone ever uses the dust off type compressed air canisters to deal with dust instead of a record brush (when not doing full clean between playings).  Any downsides to using dust off ? I have a number off diff brushes but sometimes I think they add static and/or don't get all the dust (sometimes I think they might add a bit of crackly sound to relatively clean records - i also might be crazy 🤓)
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You're right about the brushes adding static.  I use a brush and a Milty Zero Dust.  I turn on the platter with brush on the record while cycling the Milty a few times. I point away from the cart at about a 45 degree angle. Works pretty good. 
Use a brush with bristles and a velvet pad.  Damp the pad before use.  No static.
+ 1 for what rotarius wrote. I’ve occasionally tried to use Dust Off but sometimes something (condensation?) puts some liquid on the record. Doesn’t seem like a good idea.

A brush definitely works if dampened but must take care not to over wet it and thereby the record right before playing. To moisten very lightly a Hunt brush, I use an empty eye glass cleaner bottle from the eye doc’s office. Rinse it thoroughly and refill with a mix of distilled water and small amount of straight isopropyl alcohol (not rubbing alcohol). Spray that up in the air and hold the brush under the little cloud of mist it makes. Picks up dust without putting excessive liquid on the record.
Compressed Air will add static as well, reason we always ground any electronics before cleaning at work.
The talk of a slightly moistened pas reminds me of my youth. Any old guys remember the Watts Preener? The introduction of the Discwasher pretty much killed sales of the Watts. LP cleaning didn't get serious until the Keith Monks machine appeared in the mid-70's, but man was it expensive. About two grand, iirc. A lot of money at the time, as much as a pair of Infinity Servo-Static loudspeakers!
I like the Giotto’s Rocket Blaster- a large bulb type air "puffer"- I shy away from ’canned air’ because of the accelerants. You can buy the Giotto’s product inexpensively (11 or 12 dollars US)- recommend the large one to get enough "oomph"--use it to remove surface lint.
I’m not a big fan of brushes for dry cleaning records.
I remember the Watt’s "Preener".
PS: the fact that you might be crazy doesn’t necessary mean you are wrong. :)
I'm with Whart - I also use the Rocket Blaster and love it.

The dust off and similar products will work, but you have to be really careful to hold the can upright, particularly when full - If any of the liquid propellant gets discharged onto the record, it basically becomes glue :)
Another issue to be aware with when using compressed air is that you don't want the force of the compressed air to embed particles into the vinyl.  If you use compressed air, make sure you are hitting the record at an angle so the air is blowing things off, not pressing them into the vinyl.