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Anyone using Pro Audio Amps[Crown,QSC etc] in your Home Entertainment setup?..Speakers[Yamaha,QSC,JBL etc] ..Eq's?

Using Behringer products; 2 Ultra-curve 8024 eq's, an Ultra-drive 2496 xover, and an Ultra-pro MX882 splitter/mixer.  The latter is for muddling around with feeds to my back channels, varying what & how much 'goes there'.  Cheap thrills....*L*

Using a Russound RM1250MX distribution amp for it's flexibility.  Has six 2 channel amps at my disposal, any of which can be bridged.
Beats having a bunch of separates stacked up; can drive from 6 to 24 individual speakers.  I'm using it to bi-, tri-, or however I wish to apply watts and source.  Not 'audiophile' per se, but 'clean enough' for my tastes....

A pair of switching gadgets (one analog, one digital) allows 'looping' anything/everything to taste and inclination.

No preamp required. *G*  But I'm not a control freak.....much. *L*

Not a musician, but have been around them enough to appreciate 'pro gear' for what it allows one to do.

Anyway, back 'atcha'...Listen Long and Prosper. ;)
I'm using a crown Studio reference II. Tannoy sytem 115 DMT studio monitors with a QSC 15' powered sub. I would appreciate any recommendations on a preamp. For $500 or less.
I'm currently running a  Simaudio Moon 260D(T), feeding a Schiit Gungnir Multibit, feeding a Tortuga LDR3.V25 passive preamp, feeding a Crown CTs2000.
Speakers are Eminent Technology LFT 8b.
The Crown fits in very nicely!  Plenty of headroom leftover. I recently installed two new, near silent fans in it.
Incredible audio quality in this system!

My other amp; Class D Audio SDS470C,
didn't play well with the ETs.

I was looking into trying D-Sonic, or Red Dragon; to hear how they sound with the ETs.