Well Tempered Amadeus owners

I have read all the glowing reviews and I wanted to know from owners about how reliable the Amadeus is. Since it is made in China has any owners had any issues with quality?
I seem to be the only person in the world who breaks a belt every 3 weeks. That is my only complaint. If you get a GTA, the quality of the plinth is way better than the standard Amadeus.
Also, I would like to say my Chinese amp has better fit n finish and build quality than any piece of Made in the USA/UK gear I have had.
Have had mine for 3 years. Replaced one belt in that time (mine came with several extra belts from the dealer, and they're free for life).

I fastidously watch the platter speed and about to make my second adjustment (both extremely minimal).

This is an incredible turntable and I would buy another one. It's the only piece of my system I doubt I'll ever upgrade.
Paul2240- do you use the supplied WTL Speed strobe record to check the speed. Just curious, because i am thinking about an alternative option. Another very happy Amadeus owner here. I will be picking up a new GTA next week to replace my standard Amadeus. The latter will have a happy new home in my 2nd system. Cheers -Don
Don, would love to hear your thoughts on the GTA versus the standard Amadeus once it's broken in.