Well Tempered Amadeus owners

I have read all the glowing reviews and I wanted to know from owners about how reliable the Amadeus is. Since it is made in China has any owners had any issues with quality?
Never heard of any major problems with them. Some folks seem to have issues with belts (made of a fliliment similar to fishing line, with free replacements for life) breaking.

But I wouldn't worry to much about them being built in China, since Mike Pranka, the US distributor is fabulous to work with.

Also, the packaging of the WTA is incredible.
I seem to be the only person in the world who breaks a belt every 3 weeks. That is my only complaint. If you get a GTA, the quality of the plinth is way better than the standard Amadeus.
Also, I would like to say my Chinese amp has better fit n finish and build quality than any piece of Made in the USA/UK gear I have had.
Have had mine for 3 years. Replaced one belt in that time (mine came with several extra belts from the dealer, and they're free for life).

I fastidously watch the platter speed and about to make my second adjustment (both extremely minimal).

This is an incredible turntable and I would buy another one. It's the only piece of my system I doubt I'll ever upgrade.
Paul2240- do you use the supplied WTL Speed strobe record to check the speed. Just curious, because i am thinking about an alternative option. Another very happy Amadeus owner here. I will be picking up a new GTA next week to replace my standard Amadeus. The latter will have a happy new home in my 2nd system. Cheers -Don
Don, would love to hear your thoughts on the GTA versus the standard Amadeus once it's broken in.
that's amazing how you can have the same belt for 3 years. I am pretty consistent about breaking a belt every few weeks and I probably only listen for 10hrs a week. I've had 3 different Amadeus too, so I know it is not the table. I've had factory belts, Pranka belts, and my belts all break in roughly the same amount of time.

I went from a standard Amadeus to the GTA. the GTA does everything exactly the same as the Amadeus, but kicks it up a notch.
I have one of Vortrex's old Amadeus tables, with one of his belts on it, and it has not broken in the several months since I got it. Vortrex, it must be you!

In what ways does the GTA kick it up a notch?
now that is hilarious. even my own handmade belt is fine once it gets out of my place! it's a total mystery that I cannot figure out. I never even touch the thread once it's on the 33 pulley. I'm due for a break in the next week.

the GTA does everything a bit better...a little more detailed, a little more 3D, and a little bigger on the bottom end. others have said the background is more black also.