Well Tempered LTD Tonearm on a Simplex?

I know they are offering this tonearm separately now. I wonder if it could fit on a Simplex. I love mine and can't trade it out for a Versalax because of size limitations.
Are there really advantages to this LTD arm compared to the integrated arm in the Simplex?
I finally heard back from WT. They said it's possible with drilling etc. Too much trouble. Plus you have an extra armrest you don't need, or a hole anyways. Oh well. Need to make more space for the Versalex somehow. Time to break down a wall or two.
Why, because they are better sounding than the simplex? I've never hear from anyone that has compared the Amadeus and Simple side by side.
Yes, they are better sounding. And the arm is much easier to use- well, it just feels a lot better when using. The Simplex always feels awkward and choppy in handling. I suppose it is what one gets use to as well. But I was mainly commenting on musical qualities.. looks like the larger arm and platter of the Amadeus are best. That's why I wouldn't mess with the LTD arm and the Simplex. The Amadeus might also be the last table you buy.
Darn. I was hoping the simplex was. I think the Versalex will be actually. We've made a bit more space... hopefully enough.