WH-1000XM4 vs. Bathys vs. QC Ultra

Considering replacing my 1000XM4s with a pair of Bathys or the QC Ultras. I want the best sounding wireless headphones I can get. Very happy with the 1000XM4 so am curious if either of the others are worth giving a shot. I do like the touch panel on the XM4s so might go with the QCs if they have better sound. Of course, sound is most important, so if the Bathys are far superior to both, I could be convinced to not need the touch panel. 

Or, if there is a better option than all three, I'm all ears...


The XM4 are my daily gym driver and, at least from my brief comparo at Best Buy, sound better than the Bose--fuller, warmer and more enveloping, although the XM5 sounded a tad more detailed/crisper that the XM4 (as well as being more comfortable). I haven't heard the Bathy's but note that they cost twice as much as the Sony and reportedly have much inferior ANC, which would scare me off--it's still bluetooth, which is an inherently compromised source. I also own the Senn Momentum 3, which I'd rate on a par for sound and ANC with the Sony.