What a difference a setting makes.

I recently got a new turntable (Feikert,) Arm (Origin Live,) and cartridge Hana ML.) A whole new analog setup. I talked myself into thinking the sound was good, although I had doubts when I compared the SQ with the sound I was getting from the digital side. It was really great on some records (the equal of digital,) but the majority of discs were mediocre. Finally, I decided that with such good equipment I should be doing better. So, I contacted my salesman/advisor for help. He had initially recommended that I set the preamp with the gain at 58 and the load at 100 (evidently the standard for the Hana cartridge.) I kept it on that setting for several weeks.  
When I called him he suggested that I increase the load to 200. 
All of a sudden everything opened up! Almost everything I played had a presence it lacked before. The proverbial veil was lifted.  Records really did sound wonderful!  
I can’t help but think, that if I hadn’t had enough with the old sound I would be blissfully ignorant of what my set was capable.



I just can’t believe the difference between the two settings. Every record I put on is a new discovery in sound that went previously unheard.
The improvement is not subtle, but palpable in just about every parameter
The music comes to life.

yes, using your expensive high quality equipment properly/optimally can certainly aid in obtaining a high level of musical enjoyment

The Silver is a nice arm. Comes with infinitely adjustable VTA, just not on the fly. With your Cearaudio VTA lifter however you now have on the fly VTA. 

If correctly set up and already ballpark settings then you should be able to fine tune using the little VTA adjuster lever. Have you tried this?

@rvpiano thanks for this thread! You encouraged me to revisit the 200ohm load setting. As I said earlier I didn’t like it initially when I first got the 20/20. Now with some break in time the 20/20 is a different beast. Completely different experience listening at 200ohm now. The images are sharper and more out into the room, snappier and quicker transients as well. Listening to the first track on “Kind of Blue” (Analog Productions UHQR), every instrument is more solidly defined in the soundstage. Percussion brushes are more detailed, there’s more air and presence overall. Bass has more texture.
Got same results listening to Heifetz playing Sibelius violin concerto as well.

Very nice.

As a side note, break in is a thing with the Sutherland 20/20. It opens up nicely though after about 100+ hours. Much easier to break in a DAC by just streaming 24/7. But the effort is worth it.