What am I looking for in a Processor


I currently have a Rotel RM 985 5 channel amp with a 985 pre . This is what has driven my 5.1 and 2 channel music. I'm looking to keep the 5-channel amp to bi-amp my B&W 602s2 fronts and my Kef Center and get a 2 channel processor to power my rears and outdoor speakers. A processer that handles 4\8K HDMI input and output that has a decent built-in DAC with at least LCR pre-outs. Amperage is not important. AVP will run rears and outside speakers (B) and with analog sound using Pure or Direct. Sub out 1-2 and phono input, either MM or MC. I am looking for the best in both worlds without investing a large amount of money. Open to ideas but budget is limited. and want to use what I've accumulated over the years. I'm mid sixties and my hearing is no where near what it was 40 years ago. Future plans to add a superior DAC and upgrade speakers and sub (Currently SVS PSB-1 and Def Tech 8"). Thanks for any suggestions