What amplifier for Magneplanar MG3 for less than ?

I am searching for the right amp to give me excellent staging. I listen mainly to jazz, classical and some popular music at moderate to low volumes. I am currently using a Bryston 4B. I have a YS Audio Symphonies + preamplifier and a YS Audio Concerto line amp. I have an Oracle Premier with a Rega 600 tone arm and a Grado Sonata Reference Cartridge. I also have a Meridian 507 CD player and silver wire interconnects. There are so many amplifiers to chose from and I would like to spend $3K or less.
Get a used Levinson 23.5 which can be had for $2500
or thereabouts. Built like a brick commode house,
excellent imaging and soundstaging, solid bass, runs
cool. I used the preceeding model 23 with MG-IIIa's
and it was a wonderful match. The 27.5 is a good alternate
choice with similar sound but lower power output.
How about a used Spectron Musician II. This should do the trick . Or maybe a New Carver ZR series digital amplifier..then you can take the rest of the money you saved and spend it on other audio toys.

Good Luck!
Gmood1...Thanks for doing the ZR comment. I was beginning to sound like a broken record.
Try a powerful (200 W, at least) Threshold designed by Nelson Pass. I had 2 pairs of MGs and I know that the couple Magneplanar/Threshold sound very well.
How about a NAS S200 - new for ~$1500, unsed - haven;t seen them used. About 225W at 8 Ohms and 450W at 4 Ohms (claim 720W at 2 Ohms). The sound is more open than typical NAD's and should pair will with the Maggies - though probably not as good as Mark Levinsons or such. If you want more budget amplification. It was base dupon the NAD 218THX stereo amp - so that might be a used/budget cheaper still.

I use it with my Thiels and it sounds almost as good as the Theta Dred II (couldn't afford the 2.5x in price or I would have!)