what are the best sounding Accuphase or Luxman amps/preamps?

What are the best sounding Accuphase or Luxman amps/preamps (ie separates) that you have heard and would recommend?


I have had about five years experience listening with a Accuphase A-75 paired with a C-3850.. before that I was a ASR Emitter II user...

Accuphsse is so good paired with the right speakers...I am a loyal customer for however many years I have left.. end of story

I currently have the Accuphase C260 Control Amp paired with the Class A- Accuphase A 20 y Amp. as my solid state option and could not be happier. The way I  would describe the sound is musical, I can listen for hours without fatigue, wonderful soulful mids and laid back highs with just the right punch in the base. I don't think you would be dissatisfied with any of the Accuphase offerings. I listen at moderate levels and never exceeded 25% volume level for a medium sized room and 87 db sensitivity speakers, (Wilson Benesch Square 2, 2 REL Subs).

Thx for the good news about the sound of Accuphase amps.  

I am in the process of purchasing Accuphase separates - a C-2450 preamp + A-48 amp.

I had that exact same Accuphase setup you are purchasing.  It was good but not end game and sold it.