What are the big boys using ?

I must preface this by saying that I have been lurking here for over a year. I am not new to vinyl and have slightly over 1000 lp's.

Realizing that both of my questions have been covered umpteen times. I would like a fresh perspective from the "Big Boys".

I would like real life opinions as to what the "heavyweight" vinyl aficionados are using for their record cleaning solutions.(I am currently using Disc Dr brushes along with the VPI solution in conjunction with my 16.5 RCM.)

I would also like opinions on what inner sleeves are being used -- with regard to clear ply sleeves leaving a residue on the lp's surface after time. (I am currently using the VRP sleeves, but tend to think that there are better alternatives.)

Thank you for your replies, and keep up the great forum! It certainly provides an outstanding avenue for everyone involved.
I've got two VPI 16.5's and a Nitty Gritty 1.5FI that i use to clean records with using the following approach. I try to do records in small batches as it makes things easier.

Records are typically hand scrubbed using Disc Doctor brushes on both sides. Side 1 is then placed face up on the mat of the first VPI and cleaned. So as not to "contaminate" the side that was just cleaned by placing it back onto the platter mat of the first machine, the record is flipped over so that side 2 is facing up and placed on the mat of the second VPI and cleaned. The record is then placed on the Nitty Gritty and rinsed using distilled water. After all, would you ever think to apply soap while "cleaning up" and NOT rinse everything off ??? I didn't think so : )

Since the NG does not use any type of platter mat and the record is supported strictly in the label area, the only thing that sees any form of cleaning solvent residue are are the "vacuum lips". Since these get thoroughly rinsed with distilled water with every cleaning, the amount of residue on either the brushes and the records is next to nothing. As such, the NG machine is better suited for the final rinse cycles than either of the VPI's. That's why i went this route. Well, that and the great price that i was able to get the 1.5FI for didn't hurt either : )

As far as "solvents" go, i've used Disc Doctor, VPI, NG, Record Research Labs, etc... I think that they all work pretty well, at least when used in the manner that i'm doing things. Between the hand scrubbing, machine cleaning and thorough rinse with distilled water, i've never really had any problems. If i had a really rare record that just wouldn't clean up, i'd probably try some of Kevin's Vinylzyme Gold from Bugtussel ( sorry, i couldn't find a link !!! ) and then follow up with the 3 machine clean & rinse routine.

I've never tried Last Record products for some reason, but know others that have and most are happy with the results. Only problem is the cost involved when using their whole process.

For stylus cleaning, i like Record Research Labs. I know that a few other folks around here have had good luck with this stuff too.

Combining a record that is phenomenally well cleaned with the reduced groove and surface noise of a high quality linear tracking arm ( Clearaudio TQ-I on one Sota Star Sapphire and an Eminent Technology ET II on my other Sota Star Sapphire ) with no warps due to the vacuum platter, i really don't know how much better vinyl can get. Granted, i've not played with MEGA dollar tables, but i really don't feel the need to. With the amount of engineering that went into the total design of these tables, i have to imagine ( or at least like to think ) that the levels attainable beyond this point are fractions of a percentage Then again, i'm bound to be biased as these are the products that i spent MY money on : ) Sean
There is nothing better for keeping records than VRP's rice paper sleeves. HP recommended them after vinyl sleeves melted all over his records during a house fire. Just use a big VPI cleaner with VPI fluids and brushes.
Not sure about "heavyweight" since the only time I think of such in reference to myself is when looking in the mirror. But, I will suggest the admittedly anal approach that I employ, as detailed in the Record Playing Rituals" thread and reiterate that I have found the best success using Record Research fluids after comparing them to many others.