What are the current useless terms in this "audio world"

Throughout the history of marketing of all kinds of consumer goods there have been many useless, hyperbole phrases and words used.  It seems on ebay, here, craigslist and others a current pet of Sellers is taking something to "the next level"....  which sounds like a great marketing term for an elevator maker.   

‘I’m an ex-audio salesman/ex-engineer”,,,,  (So everybody should realize my opinion is so correct and important).
Engineer (recording, electrical, fill in the blank)   
ran a business    
run a business     
build quality  
audition (you tried it, okay? Did you "audition" your car?)

It’s sounds like the day it was recorded. Who the hell was there that day. I guarantee most are not old enough to have attended the recording or even have been invited to. Talking about the analog days. 
@millercarbon  Nope, when I hear the word salad, it means to me a mixture of various foods, generally cold and generally food in small size pieces.  It could be a fruit salad, vegetable salad, tuna salad, chicken salad, potato salad, etc.  Not necessarily involving a vegetable (fruit) or predominantly involving a vegetable (tuna/chicken).
@millercarbon When I hear Electrician, I think of a licensed and certified person who can legally work with electrical components, dealing with electricity    
When I hear Professional, I think of someone with a professional education degree first, a doctorate for example    
When I hear that someone ran or run a business, I think of an entrepreneur, for profit, providing a service or product.    

Some words evoke immediate images and are not difficult to assess.