What are your TonTrager stands sitting on?

After reading the accolades about TonTrager speaker stands from some forum participants here, I am considering buying a pair for my Harbeth Monitor 30.2 XDs. I see that the manufacturer recommends placing the stands on panels of slate or marble, which will cost almost as much as the stands. For those of you who use these stands, what surface are yours sitting on? Thanks for your replies.


I have two Tontrager/ Harbeth systems. When I got my first set of Tontrager stands I called Tontrager Audio in Germany with the question if slate bases were the only recommended type. I asked about granite. She said I could try it, although she had no definitive answer. My son in law worked in a granite counter shop at the time and made me a pair of bases the appropriate dimensions with the thickness of counters. I set the bases on wood floors with the Tontragers. After a couple of weeks I removed the granite bases and set the stands directly in the floor. 
Goodbye bases! 
To my ears the difference was very apparent. Without the bases the sound is fuller and more open. Everything is more natural sounding.