What brand outlet for dedicated lines?

I am looking to add dedicated lines and am researching the best (within reason) outlet for this application. Many have told me Hubbell HBL8300HI -- any suggestions?
Hi Albert, count me in for 2 each. I have been looking around for months. So glad I did not miss the train this time!!!
I first tried the PS Audio PowerPort - Big mistake! or should I say that it depends if you like a bold, in-your-face sound (from the nickel?). I now have the cryoed Hubbell 5362 from AudioExcellenceAZ. Much better than the PS Audio, but I question how much I would have noticed if I had gone from my conventional wall outlet to the cryo, instead of going from the PS Audio. Jury is out, but I'm not hearing a lot of difference. Could cryo outlets be snake oil?
Albert, Please count me in for 2 cryoed Hubbells. I just installed a dedicated panel and lines. These outlets would be just what the doctor ordered. My hat is off to you for offering to do this again.