What cartridge for Systemdek IIX?

Hey guys, I'm in the market for a new cartridge. I just picked up this table and it came with a Sumiko Blue Point and me being careless, damaged the stylus already. What would you guys recommend that is around 300 or less and will work well with this table? Or should I just get a new stylus for the Sumiko ($200). I'm looking for a high output MC and I'm using the original Profile arm.
Denon 110 can be had for $95 and is a very good cartridge. Cheaper now than years ago while its competition has gone up 3-4x.
I think so but it's your decision. Yogi.com has them for $95. I use to be a Systemdek dealer and a Sumiko dealer also but didn't use them together as they were not contemporaries. All I can say is that is what I would do if I were you. The Denon was considered the equal of the Dynavector 10x which now costs $500. Stan