What do/did you do for a living?

With the increasingly high priced items people own and are selling, I'm curious about the line of work people do or have done. I thought my $5k integrated was a massive investment, but seeing users searching for $100k speakers or $75k SET amplifiers has me curious about the varying lines of work people do to afford these items. 
Electrical Engineer been working for utilities all across the nation - current home in Southern California.  Had turntables (low quality) since I was a kid.  Love affair with music started then and continues.
Worked as a machinist, welder, bridge bolt maker, automotive mechanic, went to Collage to become a system analyst, minor in programming in computer's and the last 32 years at our water company as my final position as chief Superintendent of wastewater! I started with tube amps when I was a kid and now figure my system is around 30 to 40,000.00 in amps, speakers and such! Extremely happy with my system and always looking for better!
A public Middle School/High School Band Director. It’s an expensive hobby on a teacher’s salary, but it’s all about the Music for me, so it’s worth it!