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Lowest priced MC thats better than a Premium MM?
I had the Grade 2 Prime+ (~$1100) Zu 103 cartridge and within weeks of receiving it, damaged the cantilever. Somehow, I also managed to damage the internal wiring and thus could not be fixed due to the epoxy potting of the cartridge (became landfi... 
Best Covers
Shawn Colvin - Viva Las Vegas  
What's the benefit of balanced tonearm cables?
A Story about a Defective Signature Platinum
So ..... is this same cartridge on sale at USAM?  
Kuzma Stabi R vs Dr. Feickert Woodpecker 2 vs TD 124DD
@no_regrets - I did have subsonic feedback issues initially, but that was easily fixed by getting "superfeet" which damped the low frequency for my HRS platform.  Getting a decent platform is pretty standard for a high-end turntable these days - K... 
Needle resilience
+1 on a tonearm lifter. I too have one on each arm - wouldn't live without it.  
Kuzma Stabi R vs Dr. Feickert Woodpecker 2 vs TD 124DD
I'd take the Kuzma Stabi R over the others.  I had a Kuzma Stabi R and they are fantastic tables - built like tanks and can accommodate multiple arms. You can also get the Stabi R in a wood frame, which is what I had. The only reason I sold is tha... 
Vinyl is back for good and that’s exciting
New albums prices have now increased to an average of $30 and quite frankly it's becoming ridiculous. I will also be looking into upgrading my digital end as the streaming sound quality/content is getting better and buying less vinyl in 2024.    
Soundsmith cartridges
Hopefully there is a way to upgrade the latest Mk2 ES to the new MR version.  Haven't seen any reviews on the new MR though.  
Tube Phonostage Causing Rumble and Noises
If moving the turntable and/or subwoofer does not work, your cheapest option, as others have pointed out is to install the KAB RF1 subsonic filter.  However, this will require that you insert the filter in between the phonostage and the amplifier ... 
Pass Labs XP-25 Outputs
@alan60 - what cartridge and SUT (ratio) are you using with the XP-25.   Thanks. RK  
Step Up Transformer Question
There are folks on here making blatant statements about diminishing returns of an SUT.  Being an owner of some of the finer SUT's (EMIA Ag, Cotter Mk2L, Tango Silver), I can tell you definitely that not all SUT's are equal.  The statements being m... 
I’m looking for an sleek integrated amp under $15k
You should be able to get a Gryphon Diablo 300 with DAC option at $15k as the new 333 is out (or coming soon).  It is one of the best integrated amp at this price - lotsa power.  It will blow away the Naim. What speakers do you have?  
Integrated for TAD ME1: Luxman, Accuphase or Soulnote?
I have the Soulnote E-2 phonostage. The MC output is mediocre - I'm using the other two inputs as MM with SUT and sounds fantastic.  Moved from the ARC Ref 2SE due to subsonic issues and the E-2 has a filter.  My only complaint is that MC loadings... 
XLR recomendation
I would recommend Chen Audio Labs WRT cables.  They offer a free trial and are reasonably priced. https://chenaudiolab.com/id103.html