What do/did you do for a living?

With the increasingly high priced items people own and are selling, I'm curious about the line of work people do or have done. I thought my $5k integrated was a massive investment, but seeing users searching for $100k speakers or $75k SET amplifiers has me curious about the varying lines of work people do to afford these items. 

@ozzy, no kidding...*takes off overcoat, disappears*

(drink on table 'levitates', tilts...contents disappear into....?)

Never could get the job I wanted....*sigh*  Mammogram quality control and vaginal depth specialist was always just out of reach.... *drink refills, drains again...*

First 'real job' was literally telling people where to go....gawd knows they can't figure That out for themselves.... Think 'bout it...

Walk into the average hospital....left to yourself, you'd end up in a operating room where you'd get gowned and led into either brain surgery or an anal reconstruction of some nitwit that had an 'encounter' with someones' pet lemming....

*2nd drink is replaced by a 'suspicious cigarette', the smoke infills a vaguely familiar 'space' with very odd proportions.....dissipates...*

...had to keep moving around with that gig....when the Braille ADA nubs 'didn't match the visible legends', advising the reader to disrobe and engage the next person that touched them....

"I've changed my hairstyle

so many times

I don't know what I look like...."

(Dave advised me to get invisible....so....)

*gesture unseen; lucky you...*

Been building 'playgrounds'....yeah, kidz stuf.....the 'adult versions' are more 'interesting', catering to y'alls' digusti....ah, 'varied prefs'.

We'll let it go at that....semi-retired, now.....tripping up semi's on the Intersnakes...

Listen to loud music to drown out the voices.....


Y'know....y'all'd look better skinned and pinned up like butterflies on the walls....

*Overcoat untouched, something is moving around the space....

....too many fingers @ the top of your skull....

"This won't hurt....much...."


Happy Pre-Halloween...J

@ricmci I hear you... I started in a hospital at 18 and now 42 work on average 80hr weeks. Retirement of sorts is hopefully 2.5 years away.

Music is mental health for me, and my budget is equal to what my wife's poor financial decisions cost us in life (joking) since I pay for them financially.

My Hifi budget has infinite potential, but hopefully will be grossly curtailed.

Proud Riviera Labs owner as of this week.

Fun and interesting thread!

I’m a plant guy for the last 30 years. Grower, garden center manager, now landscape designer/sales for the last 16 yrs. I’m 57 and was hoping to retire at my current position but landscaping is a crap show these days with nobody to work. So, my boss/company owner decided to pack it in early. Pretty bummed because I’ve just started making decent money the last few years, company truck, flexible schedule. Surprised but not shocked I guess. About 2 mos. to go and then I’ll be looking for something new.

Maybe back to growing, I’ve always liked greenhouse work. Hopefully, I’ll be updating this thread with good news in the near future. Wish me luck!

System is definitely nothing to brag about. Mix of SS and tubes, several amps and speakers to rotate and play with. Mostly used, maybe $15k total with all gear. Some room treatments. Quite modest but I enjoy it immensely!


retired director of a research center that mostly developed speech understanding technology



I hope things work out for you.

Without investing for myself during my years of employment I would have been in trouble. 42 years at a company that then went bankrupt. Lost my pension, health care etc. But my investments saved me and now I am sitting back enjoying retirement.

Moral of the story, Never rely on any one company to get you to your golden years. 

You have a very good attitude and things will work out for you.