What do you think about your Grand Veenas?

I think I'll sell my Dunlavy SC IVs and get the Grand Veenas but need some info about them. How much power do they require? Tubes or ss? impedance curve? Etc, etc.
Hi Jdurrett,

The Veenas are one of my favorite box enclosure speakers regardless of price. They are easy to drive, and I have heard them both with SS and tubes, either way they still "sang" with great musicality. I'm a planer guy when it comes to speakers, but the Veenas come close to being that open and not "there" in its presentation. When you figure in what they cost, I have auditioned speakers up to 60K that I did not like as much, they are a great bargain. This is one time I totally agree with Harry Pearson who stated that they were an instant classic based on performance.
Have two friends that have Dunlavys and my Grand Veenas are much faster, more open, more accurate and much more alive.
I recently purchased a pair of Grand Veena's and they are simply marvelous sounding. Teajay said it best. They are not difficult to drive, 20 watts per side of a good amp will suffice, but I like to have a little power in reserve. I am driving them with a Modwright Kwi 200 integrated amp with great results. A good front end is a must. I was previously driving them with a Bryston 4B through a VTL 2.5 preamp and even though there was ample power, there was something lacking and the speakers really showed how edgy the amplifier sounded.