What do you think of a Densen-Concertino pairing?

I am thinking of replacing my NAD 340 with the Densen B100 (not exactly sure on model, but there's only one integrated) 60W integrated amp in my bedroom system. Looking for more juice, dynamics and speed. Auditioned the Densen on System Audio standmount speakers and they sounded great.

I know Densen amps (they're Danish BTW) are sensitive to system pairing and wonder how the amp will pair with my Sonus Faber Concertino. Any opinions? Also, anyone out there who listened to this combo before? A good match?
Have you tried the Densen web site ? There's a chatboard where people discuss their systems.
I own a Densen B100 and it's a great amp, but as you say, it has a reputation for being a bit fussy. I have only heard the SF concerto, and not with the Densen (the amp was Quad) and I remember them not being bright, and having good bass for their size. I think the Densen can be bright with the wrong speakers, particularly metal tweeters, so I'd guess it could work quite well with your SF concertinos.

If you live in SF bay area you could bring your speakers over and try them on my amp if you're interested.
I had the Beat 100 paired with ProAc Response 1SCs. I would believe the similarlity between with ProAcs and SF should result in a fine system. I auditioned the CJ CAV 50 and Mesa Tigris before settling on the Densen. I liked the Tigris more but, only marginally and the Beat was a much better value.