What do you think of Mcintosh MC 1000's?

I have been admiring the new MC602 and MC 1200 monoblocks and really like them. DOes anyone know how these new ones compare to the mid 90's MC 1000's? How do they differ in sound, quality, features?

Overall, any caveats with these big recent Mac amps?
I had an MC-500 and have always been sorry that I sold it. It was a wonderful sounding (and looking) amp. It was very sensitive to the preamp used and I tried a couple of McIntosh preamps (C-38 & C-40) before deciding they were junk (at least for the money). I settled on a Bryston BP-25, which was great. The MC-500 has all the transparency, soundstaging, detail and slam that one could want. I won't be surprised to see me with an MC-602 at some future date. I am currently seduced by MOSFETs, but that probably won't last forever. Can't imagine that the MC-1000's would be anything but wonderful.
Hello,I have one MC500 and tried some Preamps with it like C35, C38, C40,and now the C2200.(speaking of Mac brand). I would say that Mac goes with Mac and that the MC500 is simply astonishing!!! I heard the MC1000's with same set up (C2200, Tannoy TD12) ant it was very very very impressive!!!Would go better with the 501's than the 602 anyway. Speaking of Preamps, it's a matter of GOOD combination with the 500 and 1000's.Would never say C38 and C40 are junks. C2200 is absolutely wonderful and blow away everything else I tried (Levinson, Audio Research, Krell and, Conrad Johnson and even Jadis). I bet the 1201's are even better vs 1000's and will listen soon in NY. I'm a musician (I know how sound a drumkit, piano, guitar, horns live) and the latest thing I wanna hear with high end audio is having my ears exploded with some 300, 500 to 1000 watts Amps in about 10 to 15mn. With Mac you'll be able to listen to any kind of music at FULL power for 2, 3 or 4 hours with NO listening fatigue and truly MAGICAL huge sound. Feel like your in the rehearsal room with the band.. To me, the rest is simply not musical (except Jadis). If u consider re-sell value, Mac is also the King. Mac people are just THE BEST with their Customers. Good luck and listening ! Yannick. France.