What dynamic spkr. did you go to from electrostat?

I currently own a pair of ML Summits but considering a dynamic speaker which might offer more impact, however I am not wanting to part with the exceptional mids & highs that a good electrostat brings to the table.

Which dynamic speakers seem to offer the "best of both worlds" out there?

Also am wanting to stick with tube amplification, so has to be something that is decent to drive.

The Gamut L5 no doubt.This loudspeaker has the impulse response of an electrostatic device,I am not kidding.A French audio magazine measured the speaker and I was shocked seeing the impulse response of the L5,few planars could come close to it.
Oh it sound like a million bucks too.
I went from Quad ESL-63s to Gallo Reference 3s about 2 years ago. I liked the Ref 3s because I thought they offered a very ML-type sound in a more reasonably sized package. I loved the Quads and used them for many years, but they restricted my music choices. The Gallos have an electrostatic type of sound without the same restrictions. I drive them with Cary 805Cs.
MLs to Proacs. Actually, I've always kept some Proacs around, but ditched my big MLs in favor of a pair of 3.8s a year or so ago and haven't looked back. I've always like the transparency and speed of Proacs, which is probably what led me down the stat path to begin with. But, with my 3.8s, I get slam too.
Jeffreds - I was once seriously considering the Gallo Ref. 3's, but had concerns that the midrange just wouldn't be able to keep up with an electrostat in overall tonal purity.

Are the Gallo's as good as the ESL-63's in the all-important midrange?