What else sounds like Kubala Sosna?

I have been looking for an interconnect to go between my Theta Gen VIII and Atmasphere MA-1s. I have heard a few cables, and like what I hear from Kubala Sosna. It seems like the most natural sounding cable I have heard, especially with symphonic music. I first heard the Fascination, which sounded very natural, but 2 dimensional. Then I tried Expression, which retained the naturalness, but had a much deeper soundstage. It was really nice, but a bit boring on pop music. I am guessing the Emotion, if as much of an improvement over expression as Expression was over Fascination, would be just right. unfortunately, for the length I want (8 meters), this would cost around $10,000, which is too rich for me. Is there anything else that has similar rich instrument tones, detail, powerful bass, and lack of upper midrange glare for less money?
Cardas Golden Reference, but I don't know how much less. I think it will still run you about $6,000 for an 8 meter pair.
To me, in the context of my system, the Emotion is just a tad too warm. As always; YMMV.
I always get a kick out of one of K/S's dealers who used to (or still does) advertise "Kubala Sosna speaker cables turn 10K speakers into 20K speakers". Except that the wires cost $10K!.
Branislav, re-read the original post, and you will see he is looking for an 8 meter pair of interconnects, not a 6 foot pair of speaker cables.

RJA, I agree, too warm for my tastes too, but I have certainly heard some equipment that would benefit from these cables. Of course I wouldn't buy that equipment, but that's another story.
Yes, in the right system they could be ideal. If the system is leaning toward cool and/or slightly edgy these might do the trick. If your system is neutral to slightly warm, may not be the way to go.
Have not heard new top of line KS cables.
They are warm cables, but i think most musicians work really hard to warm up their sound, and most hihg end gear is too bright. I have been trying to emulate the sound I hear live in my home system, and the KS cables seem to do that (especially on symphonic music), although they may go a bit too far. i'm thinking maybe using some brighter tubesto balance it off. Maybe I'll give Cardas another try. I had borrowed a pair of their new Light cable from a dealer, which is their attempt to break from their past and provide a cable that is not overly warm. I found it too bright.
Oh, and for those who have heard the KS line, what was your impression of the difference between Expression and Emotion?