What features should a good CD player have?

I currently own a Jolida 100cdp, what features should I evaluate in upgrading? By features I don't mean remote control, but, internal components and/or capabilities.

My price is under 1,500, are there any models that would be recommended?
what are your criteria for excellence of sound ?

is your desire to possibly replace the jolida based upon build qaulity or deficiencies of sound ?
i am not sure the jolida has deficiencies, but iam switching to a herron preamp and it may expose some deficiences??
Ahh, that is a nice preamp. I would wait and get the preamp first before making any decisions.

I would be tempted to take any other source, DVD player, Ipod, whatever and listen to both that and the Jolida via the Herron to get a better feel for the warmth imparted by the Herron vs. the source/Jolida. This may help you make a better decision if you do decide to replace the Jolida - whether you will seek more warm or more resolution in your next player/DAC.

The Herron definitely outclasses the Jolida in my mind, but I don't know their CDPs as well as their amps.