What happened to ACA Audiophile Club of Athens ?

What happened to the Audiophile Club of Athens?

Their website is down as well as the forum.
Perhaps the wildfires that are raging in the suburbs of Athens have affected the phone lines.

I certainly wish all of the Athenians the best of luck in dealing with the wildfires. (I live in the Santa Cruz mountains, so I can commiserate with them very much.)
Hi Kurt

I dont think its the fires. They have been off-line for more than 2 months now.
I don't know about that, Lonestarsouth.

The Greeks used to have some really omnipotent oracles that they used to consult. (You know, back in the day.) Perhaps the ACA consulted their oracle and it told them to leave the area until the end of the summer. (And of course, since they would not wish to admit to being overly superstitious, they did not bother to warn anybody else.) In fact, the more that I think about it, I am absolutely positive that this is the truth in this instance.

Well, either that, or they forgot to pay the bill for their internet service provider. (But that hypothesis just seems way to far fetched to be even remotely possible!)

You might check with ZONEPRESS on the HIFICRITIC forum, he lives in Athens.
I am not sure why ACA is down,perhaps Chris is taking a break.In regards to the wildfires and because I am from Athens I can tell you that most of the fires are started by arsonists who are hired by land developers,the high winds and extreme heat help their cause.It's being going on for years and years and I can remember it when I was growing up as a child when the elders were talking about it.Trust me I know and I wish the law was more harsh for people who start fires and do get caught,just yesterday my brother who lives in Koropi,Athens near the Venizelos International Airport told me on the phone that the Greek authorities have installed for many years now watchtowers with guards on duty and also run patrols.Some real idiots also will throw cigarette butts that could start a fire but that is punishable by law as well.
ACA has a new president and a new site, I will post the link to the new site as soon as I find it.
OK this is the new site:


It is not permanent, soon ACA will have a new site!
Apparently, there's been a 'split' in the Club, after many challenged the 'authoritarian' style of its' previous president..

Nothing unusual, just human nature I am afraid, just egos take preference to common good.

I hope, the 'new' ACA will be a fresh start and will continue the good work done over the years by the previous administration.

I hope the new site will be a bit more refined... I am not fond of the current temporary one...
Dear Friends,

The Audiophile Club of Athens (ACA) is back!

We are still in the process of moving our data from the old server so stay tuned, we are adding material every day!

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Our new domain is www.audiophileclubathens.gr

We are waiting for you!

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