What happened to AIVS?

I have tried searching under Paul Frumkin, AIVS, and Audio Intellegent Vinyl Solutions without success. Is the fluid no longer available?
Don't know. The product seems to be doing well, maybe he's set up a website. Send him an email through A'gon: Paul_frumkin.

www.audiointelligent.com I'm not speaking for Paul but he is up to his ears in lawyer work this week. He has set up a method for delivering his product in the usual timely manner. It requires Paypal as far as I know.
Hi guys,

I'm out of town for a couple weeks, and I thought it best to let the A'gon ad lapse until I returned home. But if I get time later, I'll put the ad back up here on A'gon, with the notation that orders won't ship until after June 20. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards to everyone,
I've known and respected Paul for a number of years now, and the move to Michigan must have become more complicated that he anticipated....after all he's a lawyer and probably expected the relocation to proceed without a hic-cup....LOL...

I'm confident we can expect him back in rare form by the end of August or early September....as stated on his website.
Paul will be back on the "pages" soon, spoke with him just yesterday... there's interesting news coming ...a CLEANING PROCESS SHOOT-OUT ???...A notable audio critic/reviewer has some interesting observations, Paul is re-locating to MI... (he's OLD so give him PLENTY of time....LOL )...once this is done...we can all look forward to getting "back in the groove".
Yeah, I heard something about Michael Fremer doing something like this - in which case “notable” would not really mean “accurate” or “reliable”. Do you know more? You seem to hint at knowing results.
Hi everyone,

Well, the move is complete, but now we've got to unpack and make this house into a home. I hope to have AI up and running within a week or two. Thanks for your understanding and your patience.

Best regards to everyone,
Good to hear from you, Paul! I feel for ya'! I've moved three times in the last 8 yrs and so I know what you're going through.