What happened to the New Today box on Audiogon.

In order to keep up to date with what's on the market I check New Today just about every day. Without it I will only occasionally check the site for a specific item. Without New Today the value of the site  to me is much diminished. So sad.
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Go to the "discover" tab at the top of the home page and hover over it. New today will be one of the items in the drop down menu. I like it when it is on the home page as well, but it is still available.
It took me two days to finally go looking for and finding it. What was wrong with the way it was, Audiogon?!
Considering the fees Audiogon charges for listings and sales they could surely pay for a decent interface design for the site. There are a lot of strange lapses in good design. 

One of the promises with the last updates to the site was that everything would be accessible from the menu bar. But that's not true. If you go to the forums and want to get back to the main site you have to discover the tiny triangle next to the Audiogon logo at the top of the page. Not at all obvious and an important link.

If you can link from the menu bar to the forums from the home page, why can't you link back to the main site from the forums?

And the changes such as eliminating the link to the 'New Today' page without any notice, despite their having all our email addresses is frustrating. 

I could go on, and I'm probably more sensitive to these issues since I come to this from having managed site design for years for a large news publication. I know very well how difficult good interface design is but Audiogon isn't paying enough attention to what would contribute to better site navigation.
New Today is still available for our Members.
It was temporarily removed to accommodate two promotions.
You can still find it under the "Discover" tab in the Yellow bar on our Homepage.