What has surprised you fidelity wise?

As crazy as it may seem; lately I've been watching season 1 Star Trek episodes on Netflix via iPad and inexpensive Sony headphones.

What surprised me was how good the opening theme sounds. The quality, separation, depth, general fidelity.

It was a pleasant surprise.

Never thought such care was put into early TV soundtracks. Maybe it's the headphones that enhance the sound or create an illusion of better fidelity. Don't really know.

Anyone else had any similar experiences or surprises?


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The original star trek as was all remastered & cleaned up about 4 years ago. It was all originally done on proper film too so the quality was v
very high anyway. Obviously once they removed all the tape hiss etc it all sounds great.

I saw the remasters at the cinema & the picture quality was so high that with today's equipment it was really easy to see all the stuff you were never meant to see. Things like the gaffa tape holding things together!

Thanks for the info. Was wondering about the video quality. Chalked it up to the resolution of the device I was viewing on vs. the old CRT.