What Integrated Amp do You use

        What integrated amp do you use, i picked up a Parasound Hint6 and totally fell in love. This thing is such a perfect all around performer, i was curious as to what other Integrated Amp people where using and why
Here is an interesting integrated that comes from Poland.  The Circle Labs A200. I own it and just love it. Very interesting circuit design in this tube hybrid design. It is a tone monster! 

Technics SU-G700

Most nuanced, finely detailed, cleanest sounding amp I have ever heard or own.  This amp has no discernable personality as though just listening to the music not an amp. Though it’s a “digital” amp (not Class D) I have used it with a Rega turntable which sounded wonderful.  

@chang98  100%

I too have the technis and I'm in love with it, however I can't say anything about it's sound by itself because I've been using an external DAC and a power amplifier since I've gotten it. I still really do enjoy the sound and notice an immense difference considering the three other amplifiers I was trialing before it (Rotel, Yamaha and Cambridge Audio).

I do find this integrated amplifier to be something that is special, and more importantly reward you for your external component choices by giving you a Synergy of sound that otherwise you wouldn't get and other integrated amplifiers. However it does sound like the amplifier by itself is quite enjoyed by many, I just haven't gotten there yet.

The SU-G700 is a great amp and not too many like it at it's price point. I will say that I'm a Hi-Fi novice (less then a year in) and the Technics could have a somewhat acquired listening sound depending on those who are more fond of older analog sound.