What is Best SS AMP for $2000 and under?

My 30 year old Audire Otez blew up and I'm heartbroken. It was a class AB amp with 250 watts per channel at 8 ohms. I have Snell AIII speakers and a Macintosh pre-amp, C34V. The Audire had a deep soundstage, great bass and wonderful clarity and separation throughout the frequency range. Any suggestions for a replacement amp besides another Audire?
The Odyssey amps have impressed me in this price range, especially the monoblocks. Also the Pass Labs, but don't think you'll get enough power in your price range. Cheers,
Thanks Sbank. I should add that I am looking for a previously owned amp. An ML 23 might be a candidate but I'm concerned about the caps needing to be replaced at this age. Does my willingness to insider a used amp help?
I have owned tubed amps at 4.5K and liked them a great deal... but I now have an Audio by Van Alstine Synergy 300 amp and it is wonderful. Full bodied, tube like (even though SS) and just right in every way. Honestly, check AVA out --- they make stuff that compete and compete well against competitors at 3X the cost.