What is going on here? Streamer or DAC?

I’ve got an old (2016) streamer DAC that is beginning to show some instability. I do not believe it is my signal strength—240+ mps, no problems streaming video, occurs wired or WiFi. Opinions? Here are the symptoms:

1. Maybe one track in four, starts with a skip or stutter.  If I restart the track, it starts fine. 
2. Maybe one every few weeks/months, gets stuck repeating one note sort of like a damaged record. When this happens, no control via remote or the unit itself. Have to unplug to get it to stop. Sometimes it self corrects when plugging back in, sometimes have to hard reset.

3. Maybe once every few weeks, will locate tracks on Qobuz but will not load and play them.  Works fine from NAS or internet radio. When this happens, sometimes can correct by re-acquiring WiFi, sometimes needs a hard reset. This might be associated with momentary power outages. 

4. maybe once in three-six months, just shuts down and restarts while playing. 




But the cache was already empty…


maybe it needed cleared out anyway then I rebooted before anything was streamed.  Maybe a clean handshake kind of deal?

So here is the update. After cleaning out Qobuz cache and rebooting the Cambridge as described above, I believe the stutter starting has gone away. I say I believe because I thought it might have happened once or twice when I wasn’t paying strict attention. In any case, it feels fixed to me. What isn’t fixed is the occasional shut down restart of the Cambridge 851n. Has happened three times since Jan 30. Music stops, I look up and see the unit restarting.  I then have to go out of the stream magic app, go back in and everything is fine. Is this evidence of a failing power supply?

Well, as a final follow up here, I believe the thing is just kaput.  Probably a power supply failing, or possibly the streamer.  I sent a query in to Cambridge and I have to say I was impressed— they asked several follow up questions before concluding that the 851n would need service or replacement. They noted the warranty period was long past but did offer a trade in program where they would give me some credit towards a new purchase.  That was nice, and I am looking at the new CXN100 but fear it is more of a CXN replacement. I’ve heard those before in a buddy’s system and I also have a EVO 75 in a second system. Those sound very good but clearly the 851n sounds better. Besides, I’m going to try to get to Axpona this year…


thanks for all the comments and suggestions.