what is honey colored? examples?

Can someone please give me more descriptive adjectives to better-define the term 'honey colored' as it relates to tube (or SS) amps?
And what are some widely-accepted examples of said honey colored tube amps?
I don't think audiophile terms can be defined in any concrete way.

In general, tube amps have a smoother sound than does a solid state amp. I would expect that "honey colored" equates to this smooth sound, but now you just found another word to find a concrete meaning for.

Maybe if you play audiophile word association long enough you can prove that all speakers sound the same on average since difference people with describe different speakers using identical terms yet meaning different things.
honey colored to me is a midrange (or upper midrange) rise in frequency response that ads warmth to the sound

aka golden glow
I'd go back a little farther and say more like vintage Fisher or Marantz tube gear.Slightly rolled off frequency extremes with a mid-range bump. Very listenable.
My guess is that it's the low order harmonics of (most) tube amps (rather than any roll-off per se) that give them that golden, velvety, sepia-tinted glow.

(Most) solid state amps exhibit the opposite, nasty grating sound of high order harmonics, odd-order harmonics and crossover distortion.