What is it that you don't like about your speakers ?

Most people usually sing praise of what they have, be it Quad, Harbeth, Vandersteen, Magico or whatever.
In another thread I already said what I didn't like about my Michael Green Audio free resonance speakers. I could add that better frequency extension wouldn't hurt, they can't fully reproduce Hellborg's custom acoustic bass guitar or Glen Moore's customized bass. Fewer complaints regarding high frequences but still. And they don't exactly disappear, though this doesn't bother me much - instruments when played live don't disappear either. Imaging could be sharper but again not bad. I expect some coloration from anything that is a box. This includes room - it is a box as well.
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My current speakers are very unforgiving with bad source material. I wish they were more like Double Impacts or Audio Note AN-E’s where even the worst recording is listenable. 
Nothing to fault with my speakers in terms of sound except they are a bit awkward to move - extreme weight, magnolia burr gloss finish and elliptical shape contribute to the moving challenge even for piano movers.
How can you be 100% sure it's really the speakers producing the sound/effect that you don't like so much?