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Preowned Focal 1027Be or New Focal Aria 936?
I used to sell Focal and I'd  take the 1027Be without hesitation. 
What would you choose for about $1k, ZU DW, SVS Ultra bookshelf or Tekton Lore?
I’ve owned Zu Omen, Omen Bookshelf and Soul Superfly. Once I heard a pair of Tekton Lores I regretted buying the Omens. With that said I liked the Zu build quality and looks more. I’d be looking at Totem Hawks in your price range, they can be grea... 
PSB Imagine T3's?
That's a great all around performer to start your high end journey and it's easy on the ears. 
PSB Imagine T3's?
They are great speakers but you absolutely do not have to spend more than $20K to get better. That statement is completely ridiculous. 
PSB Imagine T3's?
Great speakers for the price but not sure if I’d call them game changers. When they were released I had Synchrony One’s as secondary speakers and wasn’t expecting T3’s to be much better...I was wrong. If you own NAD Masters gear they are a sure th... 
PSB Imagine T3's?
@schubert They perform well with symphonic music and every other genre. There was a customer that only listened to symphonic music and after a long demo he went with Spendor (not sure what model) so there might be better options out there. PSB rea... 
PSB Imagine T3's?
Just my honest opinion having spent hundreds of hours with them in a treated listening room. They are well balanced speakers and particularly good if you have a multimedia setup. One great pairing that won’t break the bank is with a Lyngdorf TDAI-... 
Tekton custom grills
Totem for one but they have started to provide them with more recent models. Dropping the ball with speaker grill orders is downright embarrassing. I think that was the oldest Tekton complaint I used to read about online. This isn’t a new issue fo... 
Bookshelf speakers that sound good on a SHELF or SIDEBOARD
Signature Ones will not work well in a tight space. Totem recommends a minimum of 1 foot from rear walls but anyone that's owned Model Ones knows they need at least 2-4 feet.  
Martin Logan Montis vs Magico S1 vs sub with Micro Utopias
The Montis is an excellent choice for what the OP is looking for. Now that they are discontinued you can find them for a great price.  
Dynaudio vs Harbeth vs ProAc
ATC SCM19 v2 should be added to the list. It fits the description of what you are looking for.  
B&W.....Focal.....or Focal
I owned 802 D2’s for a while and would have gladly traded them for Sopra 2 or 3’s. With that said people tend to prefer the sound of one or the other (I prefer Focal.) The synergy of B&W and Classe gear should also be considered. It’s worth th... 
What's Next
The PL 500 II’s were on my short list with a few other speakers but ultimately I went with Martin Logan ESL 15A’s. Paradigm Persona, Magico and the other standards should be auditioned. 
What's Next
Anything could be a possible replacement just get out and listen. There are many different flavors of awesome speakers at the price range.  
Former Tekton owners: What have you moved on to?
Great choice Nitrobob, the Focus SE’s really stand out at their price point. Happy Listening!