What is physiclly in size the largest audio power

What is physically in size the largest audio power tube? I saw this amplifier designed by Ed Billeci with a 211 transmitting tube,it towers over the transformers and looks beautiful. What would be the comparible dimensions to a 300b, 45 or 845 etc...

There are some much larger transmitting tubes intended for other purposes that have been adapted to audio amplification, but in the normal realm, this has to be a contender for the physically biggest amp tube:


KR Audio T-1610. They cost a mere $1899/matched pair in the US. This dwarfs a 211, 845 and the new super 300Bs.

OK, had to poke around for some dimensions. The T-1610 is 12" tall and almost 4" in diameter. By comparison, an 845 is 6-3/4" tall and about 2-1/8" in diameter.

The 1610 was also used in the Cary CAD-1610-SE reviewed by
by Jonathan Scull in the December 2000 issue of Stereophile:


If you want to see some REALLY big tubes - you need to check
out the old TV transmitter power tubes - which were
about 2-3 feet tall. Some of my friends from junior and
senior high school used to collect old transmitter tubes.
I still have one of the smaller tubes a friend gave me -
about 8-10 inches tall. The inside of the tube is coated
with mercury which vaporizes when the tube is operated.
It's an old "Western Electric" tube.

Dr. Gregory Greenman
The 805 is an impressive output tube.

I own Ming Da 805 SET monoblocks that sound quite nice and can handle most any loudspeakers.